Entertaining Your Snapchat Followers Using Lenses.

Get out of the norm and post a face with crazy effects to your Snapchat followers using the Lenses feature on this platform. This is achieved easily when you are using the front selfie camera. The effects are only possible to new snaps and not those you have already taken before activating the lenses. Your face needs to be clearly detected to get this effect well. That is why you need to take the snap in a well-lit room or outside.

Once your face is displayed clearly on the camera, press and hold for a few moments. A wireframe will appear over the face with many effect options displayed on the bottom screen. Take time and swipe through them to determine the one you want to put on your snap. The effects change daily so if you are not satisfied with current ones, come back the following day for more. Follow the prompts on the screen to know what you expected to do to retain the chosen effect. Proceed to record or take the snap while the effect is still active. On completion, send it now to your Snapchat followers and wait for their reactions.